Wattsview power monitor open source LabVIEW Pic controller code
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No WattsVIEW Sensor?  No Problem.   You can download and run this software in simulation / demonstration mode as

if  you had real sensors hooked up to energy sources measuring Volts, Amps, Watts, WH, AH



2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8

WattsVIEW DC Power Monitoring / Datalogging Software

FULL VERSION   Monitor up to 10 WattsVIEW sensors at once


Screen Shots


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Wind Turbine Data


Analog Gauges


Full Version 4.40

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 Owners Manual



Full Version 4.31

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 Owners Manual


 Wattsview Configuration Utility  Version 1.7

(Allows you to setup for GPRS by adjusting how often the data is sent out,  allows you to calibrate voltage and current).


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Version release notes


4.40   Updated software to be compatible with older sensors and to have error handling for S/N and FW string issues
Updated data logging timing function for more logging interval accuracy
Added Watts, Watt Hours and Amp Hours to log files
Fixed logging interval issue

4.33 Update software to prompt user to power cycle the sensor when there is a serial port hang.

4.32  Added new ability for user to set data logging time interval.

1/22/14  Ver.  4.31 updated to work with new sensor firmware

10/1/13  Ver. 4.3 Release included up to 10 sensor monitoring capability.


 Owners Manual



You get free power monitoring / data logging software with this sensor.   However, if you want to write  your own LabVIEW program  you can download and use this driver to talk to the sensor.  If you would like custom software for your project, then contact support for price and delivery time. 



Open Source WattsVIEW VI Library Driver for Digital IO port

  LabVIEW 6.1 RS232 Serial Drivers

   LabVIEW 8.0  ver 1.2

  LabVIEW 2012 ver 1.2






Source Code – Rev B


Open source PIC controller development circuit board prototype Hall effect transducer current sensor, voltage monitor , watt meter, watt hour KWH monitor
WattsVIEW Open Source Pic Micro Controller 105 Amp 200 Volt DC 22,000 Watt power monitor


The open source DC Wattsview Power Monitor utilizes a pic microcontroller that has the ability to monitor a 105 Amp hall effect
MPLAB open source PIC controller for DC KWH power monitor with 8 bits digital IO