WattsVIEWtm Labjack  is a FREE computer program that you can install on your computer to see AC or DC waveforms of voltage, current, and power.  If you want to buy an already made power DC power monitor then click here.These build your own power monitor plans uses a simple data acquisition device called the LabJACK.  Seen as the small red box below.  It also uses a current sense resistor and voltage divider set of components that you need to hook up yourself.  This is shown below marked with the number .  

Buy using these instructions you agree to first have your work looked at by a licensed electrician.  

free power monitoring software for voltage current and watts amps


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WattsVIEW Screen Shots

When you download and install WattsVIEW, you will see that this screen on your computer showing you 3 waveforms, the first is Voltage (White), then Current (Red), and finally Watts (Green).   The image below is showing you voltage, current, and Watts data being displayed real time.

WattsVIEW Free power monitoring software showing wats, volts, and Amps.

This is a shot of the sensor setup screen where you enter in resistor values for the voltage divider and precision current sense resistors you have chosen to put into your design.  In this example, R1 has a resistance value of 2,000 Ohms, and R2 has a value of 25 Ohms.  This would also be expressed as a 80 to 1 voltage divider. 



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Version OS

File Size


NOTE:  This software is written labview and will install the labview runtime engine version 8.6

You will need to follow these steps:

  1. Download the 60MB WattsVIEW Install zip file  

  2. Unzip it / extract it  to a folder or desktop

  3. Double click on the setup.exe file

  4. When it is done installing download the zip file containing the labjack U12 drivers for windows  

  5. Unzip / extract  the U12 zip file into a temp folder or your windows desktop

  6. Double click to run the file  you extracted in the step above called U12SetupV121.exe 

  7. Wait until the program finishes installing drivers and the LabVIEW runtime engine 6.1

  8. Now plug your labjack into your USB port.  The green light should blink briefly and the turn off.

  9. Now launch the WattsVIEW program by going to your START button and clicking on the WattsVIEW icon.

  10. For you to get a free pass key to run this software without any limits, you need to follow the steps below.

This is a free trial version of the WattsVIEW power monitoring program.    It gives you 10 free trials.  If you want to use this software more than 10 times then you need to contact us for the password.

  1. A photo showing your power source, monitoring piece and WattsVIEW tm as the photo pose shown below.

  2. Your written consent for me to publish this information on this web page as endorsements.




67 MB








Description for schematic above and below PurchasingInformation
TB1 This is where you hook up the thing you are trying to deliver power to, like an AC inverter, a water heater, or television. Buy Now
TB2 This is what you connect your voltage source to, like your bike generator Buy Now
TB3 This terminal block is what hooks up to the LabJACK  Buy Now
LabJACK The LabJACK USB Data acquisition box is what measures your voltage an current.  I have bought 7 of these for many different projects, they work great!  Buy Now
R1 R2 This is what is known as a voltage divider. It will lower the voltage down to 1/100 of its value to allow the data acquisition LabJACK unit read the signal with out frying it.  WARNING: if you pick resistance values that create too much power dissipation, you could start a fire, or burn your hand when you touch these resistors.  If you want recommend resistance values send an email tosupport@wattsview.com R1 Buy Now
R2 Buy Now
R3 This is what is known as a precision current measurement resistor.  If you want to know how this works, click here.  If you want recommend resistance values send an email to support@wattsview.com Buy Now
Software You can write your own visual basic or C++ or LabVIEW software program to collect data from the LabJACK data acquisition unit.  You can use this LabVIEW based program that I wrote called WattsVIEW. 







The image below shows you which terminals to connect to your voltage divider and your current sense resistor.

Free LabJACK Power Monitor Wiring Diagram Bicycle Generator


WattsVIEW Contact Information



480-489-4111 (U.S.)

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 If you want to use this software more than 10 times then you need to give us 3 things:

  1. A photo of you standing next to the WattsVIEW computer while it is monitoring the power project you are working on

  2. Your written consent for me to publish this information on this web page as endorsements.



The LabJACK Data Acquisition Box

The LabJACK is a data acquisition box that plugs into the USB port of your computer.  It measures voltages across 8 analog input channels, and can do much more type of controls.

  • Two analog Outputs 0 to 10 volts DC

  • Over 15 digital inputs and outputs

  • Counter / Timer


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