NOTE:  You DO NOT need a WattsVIEW  sensor to test drive this software.  You can run in simulation mode which plots real looking data so you can get a feel of how the software looks when it is running with a real sensor.

 Please keep in mind that some web browsers will  warn you that “the WattsVIEW software is a potentially dangerous program and may damage your computer“.   We guarantee that this is not the case.  This WattsVIEW program has been downloaded for use by customers around the world for over 5 years.   There is no danger nor spy ware or Malware  associated with this program.

STEP1- Download the WattsVIEW installer HERE

STEP2- Wait for the zip file to download.  Then unzip the file to a temp folder on your computer.  If you do not do this step, then the software will not install correctly into Windows.

STEP3- Right mouse click on the file “setup.exe”  and choose the option “Run as Administrator” , if you don’t have this option on your computer,  then simply double click on the this icon.

STEP4- Wait a few moments for WattsVIEWTM software to install.

STEP5- Launch the   program by clicking on your START button then going to the Wattsviewtm menu item, then Wattsview-serial

STEP6- After WattsVIEWtm Serial    launches it will scan for serial ports attempting to find what serial com ports are available on your machine and what sensors are responding.  If you want to use simulated data to run in DEMO mode, then select “use simulated Data”  as shown below.

SIMULATION / DEMO MODE:   This mode lets you select a number of simulated solar panels or wind turbines to monitor.    You will  see the Volts, Amps, & Watts data coming in as if you really had WattsVIEWTM  hooked up to a real current and voltage sensor on a solar panel or wind turbine.


TO  Uninstall WattsVIEWTM     by clicking on your start button, then going to your “Control Panel” .   Then choose the icon labeled “Add Remove Programs”.    Then you will see the WattsVIEWTM  Program showing up towards the end of the program list.    After you find it, click on the “Remove” option.    It will take about a minute for the program to uninstall.


To take real measurements, you will need a  WattsVIEWTM  sensor a Rs232 serial port adapter for your computer like one shown HERE

Once you install the USB to Serial adapter and the driver that goes with it,  you will be able to connect theWattsVIEWTM to it and  it will show up in the scan.  Data will start to flow into the program graphs.   The sensor must be supplied 12V DC to work.   If you loop the wire through the current sensor more than once, it will increase the strength and accuracy of the Amps measurement.  People do this when they are trying to monitor a very small current.

Take a look at the owner’s manual for more information:

 Wattsview Owners Instruction Manual