• If you have not downloaded the software yet,  go to the download page and download the zip file.  There are 3 .dmg files to install. 

  • Place the contents of the zip file into the folder you want this application to reside from here on out.   For example, you can leave it in the download area, or put it in the application folder.  It should look look something like this when you open the zip file:

    MAC OS X Install files
    MAC OS X Install files
  • Click on and run the LabVIEW 2012 runtime engine .dmg file  

  • When installer launches click on the LabVIEW runtime engine .pkg file and follow the prompts

  • Click on and run the NI-VISA file, it may require you to reboot.  These are low level serial port drivers written by National Instruments.

  • Click on and run the FTDI  dmg file which are drivers written by FTDI which will configure USB to serial adapter. 
  • Follow the instructions in the user manual to setup the WattsVIEW sensor.

  • Connect your WattsVIEW sensor to the computer,  verify that you have connected the 12 Volt power connector into the wattsVIEW sensor as shown in owner’ manual. 
  • Open  the WattsVIEWtm folder
  • Launch the WattsViewtm APP file which will scan for devices and ports and display data. 

  • Contact support if you have any questions  ph: 480-489-4111