WattsVIEW Power Monitor Data Loggers
WattsVIEW shown monitoring output from a PV array
PV Array Monitor

WattsVIEW real time DC power monitoring software Volts, Amps, Watts, Watt Hours
Watt Meter & Amp Meter Software Display

Power Dashboard
Power Dashboard


  • USB
  • 0-200V DC
  • -75 to 105 Amps DC

WattsVIEW 21kW USB
WattsVIEW 21kW USB
  • DB 9 Pin
  • 0-200V DC
  • -75 to 105 Amps DC

WattsVIEW Serial RS232 DB9 Power Monitor
WattsVIEW RS232 21kW
  • USB
  • 0-200V DC
  • -180 to 250 Amps DC

WattsVIEW 50KW
WattsVIEW 50KW



– Remote DC Power Monitoring Through GPRS Modem

– Solar Panel Power Monitoring
– Wind Turbine Power Monitoring
– Bicycle Generator Power Monitoring
– Battery Charging Power Monitoring
– Battery Discharge Power Monitoring

– Hydrogen Production Electrolysis Power Monitoring
– Hydro Generator Power Monitoring
– Salt / Chlorine Swimming Pool Generator Monitoring
– Constant Power Control Systems
– Solid state relay control closed loop power monitoring

Typical Installation (In this case a solar combiner box)

WattsVIEW solar power meter monitor, software data logger, -75 to 105 Amps measurement range. LaBVIEW drivers available
Typical Installation in DC Solar Combiner Box


  • Open source PIC Micro controller architecture with 8 bit digital IO and two analog inputs, one for Current sensor monitoring and one for Voltage monitoring
  • FREE WattsVIEW Data Logger Software (Windows and MAC OS X):  Test Drive Now (Windows)
  • WattsVIEW Software License: No licensing fees, no limit on usage, no hidden costs.
  • Software Display: Graph Charts, Data logger history graphs,  analog panel meter indicators, & Digital Readouts (Download and Test Drive  free WattsVIEW software to see the great graphics.
  • Digital IO: 8 Bits that can be used to control solid state relays for a battery charging circuit, light, dump load, or heater.  These digital IO can sink or source 10mA.   Use already written LabVIEW drivers or right your own C+ / .net / Java  to control or read the 8 digital channels.
  • Measurements: DC Volts, Amps, Watts, Watt Hours (WH), Calories, Amp Hours (AH)
  • Measures 3 phase wind turbines after the bridge rectifier.
  • Max Voltage: 200 VDC (If you have higher voltage you can divide it down by using two resistors in series and still use this sensor.)

Shipping Time U.S. Orders:

  • 3 TO 5 Days Shipping to U.S.  & Canada,   3 to 5 weeks for orders outside U.S.


Mounting Dimensions (Drawing)

WattsVIEW DC Power Monitor Dimensions
WattsVIEW DC Power Monitor Dimensions